Trinity recognizes its role to develop each individual's God-given potential and interest in music. Our curriculum follows standards in exploring melody, rhythm, form, expression, timbre, texture, and harmony. The music curriculum makes a major contribution toward developing basic music skills, cultural awareness, and appreciation. Students will have experiences in vocal and instrumental performances as well as opportunities for movement and expression in music. Students in grades 5-8 have the option to participate in band with Fremont Bergan.


The students perform in musicals and plays each year. Students in grades 4-7 perform their musical in the fall, and K-3 performs in the spring. The 8th grade performs their class play in the spring. Classroom teachers also integrate plays and dramatic expression in the regular curriculum and also in weekly chapel performances.

Gathering of the Talents

Our Concordia University Nebraska in Seward annually hosts its Gathering of the Talents festival. Begun in 1943, the even brings in participants from kindergarten through eighth grade from Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and South Dakota. Students from Trinity utilize this event as an opportunity to display their talents in art, vocal and instrumental music, dance, poetry, and creative writing.