Image of students standing in front of 3 crosses at Camp Luther during the spring of 2017.

Through God, we strive for academic excellence, spiritual growth, and life-long service to Him, family, and community.

Trinity Lutheran School serves in ministry together with Trinity Lutheran Church and Trinity Early Childhood Center.  Since 1884, it has been our collective mission to plant and nourish the saving faith in all people by teaching and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its worship, educational, and caring ministries.

Specifically, Trinity Lutheran School exists to provide a Christ-centered education which focuses on developing the whole child as a disciple of Christ.  Growth opportunities that integrate God’s Word are provided in these areas:  Spiritual, Scholastic, Emotional, Social, Physical, and Aesthetic.  As a state-approved and nationally accredited school, we consistently strive to present a well-rounded program that challenges the potential of every child.