Established in 1884, Trinity Lutheran School of Fremont is the oldest parochial school in Fremont.  Recognized for its consistent history of academic excellence and ability to promote and encourage moral development while sharing God's Word, Trinity offers a complete program of instruction from kindergarten through the eight grade at the East Campus on Luther Road.  Infant care through preschool is available at the Trinity Early Childhood Center located at 3rd and C Street.  For more information on Preschool and childcare services, please contact Patrice @ (402) 721-1076.

At Trinity, students learn what they would in any exemplary public school.  Excellence is promoted, and creativity is encouraged.  However, as an alternative to public education, Trinity strives to promote academic achievement while God's word is integrated throughout the entire curriculum.  Therefore, Trinity promotes the Christian faith resulting in an emphasis on moral and spiritual development, relationships, discipline and values.