Shop With SCRIP

Support Our School with SCRIP

Trinity is part of a national program known as SCRIP.  When it is time for shopping, anyone can purchase SCRIP from Trinity to use just like a gift card at retailers across the nation.  Whether local, or national chains, Trinity is able to purchase these SCRIP cards for a discount which are then sold at face value.  The difference between the two is our profit.  When shopping with SCRIP for items like uniforms, groceries, gas, restaurants, and Starbucks, we raise money, without you having to spend a penny extra.

How Does it Work?

Anyone interested in using SCRIP will complete a registration form to get started.  This form, available in the school office, helps us determine where the SCRIP profits go.  There are two options to determine how the profits are use, you can designate 100% to go to Trinity’s Tuition Assistance fund,  or you can split the profit 50/50 between Tuition Assistance and a family tuition account.  Even if you don't have a child enrolled in Trinity, you can still pick a family to support.

We a long list businesses to choose from, such as big box stores like Target, Wal-mart, and Kohls, grocery stores like Hy-Vee, and restaurants like Olive Garden, Applebee's, Buffalo Wild Wings.  We even have SCRIP available  to specialty stores like Bath and Body, MainStreet Theatres, Starbucks, and many more!

Can I Buy Online?

Yes!!!!  If you don't have time to purchase SCRIP from the school office, you can now purchase online using Presto Pay.  Online users will have access to a greater selection of retailers.  You can learn more by visiting  During the online set-up of your account, you will determine how you would like the profits earned to be used.  No need to stop by the office to complete the traditional form as it's all online.

How Does Online Purchasing Work?

Online users will take advantage of a service called Presto Pay.  Presto Pay is an option for families in which you set up the account information directly through Shop with Scrip, then place the order, and the amount is automatically deducted from your account.  SCRIP cards are then sent to you either by mail, or electronically (e-card) depending on the type of card you purchase.

Another advantage of using the e-card, is that can even order while you shop!  The e-card is sent directly to your mobile device giving you instant access to make a purchases on the go!  This works when you agree to the terms of the “MY Scrip Wallet”.

Get Started Now

To get started, visit  The enrollment code for Trinity is 6EC76EE416698. Good luck and thank you for supporting Trinity Lutheran School!